Doll House Haunt


A Message from the Doll Keeper. "Doll House Haunt is relocating and will not be ready to open for 2017. Apologies for the lack of scares that will haunt Eagle Mountain this year. Watch our facebook page for updates, contest and giveaways in the meantime.

Closed 2017

A miserable widower lived with his two young daughters in the small town of Frisco. After the loss of his wife, he became the town’s toy maker and lived only to make his small daughters smile. When the girls became sick the single Father encouraged them to get better by building a massive doll house for them to play. To his dismay, both girls died regardless. The now distraught toy maker finished the doll house in distress and buried his daughters inside. He filled the doll house with toys and dolls as he clung to their memories.

One evening as he sat in the doll house, he noticed two dolls out of place. He put them back where they belonged and went home- only to return the next evening to find the two dolls had moved once again. He was sure it was the spirits of his daughters, back to play with their doll house. He begged them to stay and continued to fill the doll house with more dolls.

As time went on the haunted toys moved room to room and the Toy Maker became obsessed. The town nicknamed him the Doll Keeper as he endlessly filled the now large house with every doll he could. Desperate to keep his daughters close, he played the role of a puppet master and hung the dolls in every open space he could.

But it wasn’t long before he realized something was very wrong…

When he finally realized the spirits haunting his Doll House were not his daughters, but something much worse- it was too late. The Doll Keeper was the real puppet and had fed the ghostly addiction. Now trapped in the haunted Doll House, the nightmare grows as he continues to fill it with dolls and toys. To protect himself, he hides behind a single puppet to keep the spirits from getting too close.

Don’t close your eyes, the Dolls are watching.

Looking for spooky but not-too-scary family fun?

Come on out every Saturday in October from noon to 4:00 pm, featuring:

  • A scavenger hunt tour - while the monsters in the haunted house are asleep, kids can go on a spooky tour of their home and look for items on a list to win a prize!
  • Bouncy house
  • Face painting
  • Games and more!